The Casina

The Casina in Tuscany is a 12th Century Watch tower, which originally formed part of the original outer defences of the city of Siena.  The remaining Watch Tower has been painstakingly restored and adapted into a three storey, one-bedroom villa.

The Casina is the only luxury rural villa for couples in Tuscany, now set deep within 15 acres of private olive groves within the Sienese Montagnola, a UNESCO world heritage site.  Due to the region’s feudal past, the norm is for habitable accommodation to be in larger properties once housing farmworkers.

Extensive use of engineered glass throughout the restoration brings the majesty of the Tuscan landscape into the principal guest rooms; Papal palaces and baroque churches thus form the backdrop for daily life at The Casina. The glass-enclosed loggia extends onto a sunken garden terrace with outdoor marble hot tub, a landscaped pond on one side and the oxygen-cleaned and heated infinity oxygen-cleaned and heated infinity pool with counter-current swimming machine, as well as a flowered pergola with barbeque area and bar on the opposite side.

Furniture and interiors are an eclectic yet harmonious mix of ultra-modern pieces designed to fit the unique open plan layout, and Tuscan artefacts such as the marble hewn bathtub and the olive press courtyard dining table, specifically chosen to complement and juxtapose the ultra-modern glass pavilion extension.