Metamorphosis Orthodontics

Metamorphosis Orthodontics is a leading London orthodontists providing holistic orthodontic treatments that take into account the aesthetics of the whole of a patient’s face, the profile, bone tissue and muscular structure.

If you find yourself grinning through closed lips every time a camera comes into view or you just feel self conscious about your teeth, then the time has come to put your smile in order! And there’s no better place than the stylish, exclusive and hi-tech clinic of Metamorphosis in the Parsons Green area of Fulham, London.

Metamorphosis is one of the leading orthodontic clinics in London and is the vision of award-winning orthodontist Dr Neil Counihan.

This mission quite simply is to provide exquisite orthodontic treatment in South West London and to give each and every patient a beautiful healthy smile for life. Friendly and passionate, our enthusiasm for our work is evident in all they do.

Their experienced team provides a family-friendly service to all ages, whether you are looking for the fitting of children’s braces or orthodontic treatments for teenagers or adults. At Metamorphosis it is more than just about straightening teeth. They go one step further and put in place a holistic orthodontic treatment plan that takes into account the aesthetics of the whole of the patients face – the profile, bone tissue and muscular structure. This higher level of care is called, “face-driven orthodontics“.

The work is truly transformational. It’s about boosting people’s confidence and appearance by helping treat a whole range of different conditions. These include tooth crowding, protruding teeth, cross bites and gaps between teeth.

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