Cru 8

CRU8 is a selection of gluten, wheat dairy & refined-sugar FREE, raw, low GI, nutrient-dense, slow releasing superfoods.

Alexi von Eldik, founder of CRU8,  had a theory that eating a high-raw, mostly plant-based diet would positively affect work productivity and well-being. She set out to prove this theory through her MSc (Organisational Psychology, City University) thesis research. Results showed that this type of diet not only significantly enhances work productivity but emotional well-being. Alexi has subsequently been awarded a distinction for her thesis and set up CRU with the purpose of transforming corporate eating habits, as well as those of her individual clients.

Alexi believes that a high-raw, mostly plant-based diet can lead to tremendous health, well-being, and productivity benefits. She has been a raw food advocate for some years and has seen the transformational nature of eating high-raw firsthand. Since the beginning of her high-raw food journey, she has recovered from a pre-diabetic condition, released 20lbs of excess weight, and recovered from depression.

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